Month: March 2020

Sleep in the history

The most attractive part of Skopje for tourist is the old town, built during Ottoman empire and full of bars and restaurants, but also few mosques and a magnificient Orthodox chapel and some public institutions. The small streets paved with stones and the lovely squares are the ideal setting for a relaxing walk in the …

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Macedonia: lakes and vineyards

The first country of Western Balkans I want to talk about is the Republic of Macedonia. The name for institutions is Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia because there is a fight with Greece for the name. In Greece Macedonia is the northern region, around Thessaloniki, but despite the name, the Balkan republic is really a …

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The new Europe is ready for tourism

Travellers are always searching for new destinations, trying to find something of different, of undiscovered and of pretty. In Europe Western Balkans are taking a primary position in tourism sector. The governments of the countries of Former Yogoslavia and Albania are investing money to promote their lands and also to implement the structures. In last …

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A luxury and traditional coffee in Prague

To enjoy the city in Prague till the end visitors has to have a break in one of the most famous and traditional places of the city: CafĂ© Louvre. It is a real institution for the locals and it attracts also tourists, not only for the good quality of the beverage and of the food, …

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A luxury and quiet stay in Prague

Prague is one of the European favourites destinatinations for worldwide travellers, it is well known because of Charles Bridge and the Square of the Old City, but for sure it has a lot of attractions to be seen. I have been there and I was surprised by the vivacity of Prague and of the different …

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