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Would you like to have 1000 followers for your blog? No, don’t worry, I am not going to sell anything and I have no bots to offert or to propose. I am talking about my experience as a blogger. First of all I want to thank all of you, each of my 1000 followers. Readers are the most important element of a blog. Because you give me motivation, you give me a reason to write my post and to spend time here, as much as I can. You all make me active and I am trying to improve my knowledge for all of you.

It was January 2018 when I started my journey online, the first day. Now it is almost passed the first year and I can count 1000 followers. Most of you are thinking that this is a low number and it is true, but for me it is a first good result. Meanwhile I thank you to be my readers and to be loyal to my blog, supporting me, I want to share my thoughts about my experience. Why? Easy, because in these 12 months I learned something and also I had the chance to experiment something new. I already had some exchange about this topic with some of you. So I hope this post will be useful, maybe for new thought sharing or to open a discussion.

My first 1000 followers

I consider myself a beginner, but after one year of activity on the blog, I think it is useful to share my thoughts about it. My 1000 followers include a variety of profiles: bloggers mainly, people who are searching for inspiration for their trips and companies. Well, unfortunately, I don’t know all of you personally, but I had the chance to chat with some of you and I understood that we want to increase the number of our readers. Why? For different reasons. This for me it is not a job for me, but only a passion. Yes, because I have a job that allow me to travel a lot and also to use luxury sometimes.

So why do I need followers? The real question should be: why am I writing my travel experiences? That is the point, I need someone who read my posts, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to have a blog. I am not used to write a diary, but I like blogging because I have an audience, but especially I have someone to discuss with. This is what I want. I like to tell to other people from many countries what I saw and what I think and then have their own opinion. Because this is somehow what happens to me while I work in Italy and abroad. But in real life I don’t know if I have 1000 followers 🙂

There is a difference: it is not related to my job and I don’t know who is on the other side of the computer. So I can focus better on the topic, without any other thought. I am learning a lot doing it.

How I started

It was the first day of this year and I wrote my very first posts. A brief introduction and some comments to the news. Luxury and travels are my interests. I was posting at least on article per day and nothing more. I was actually very curious and focused on my Instagram page. In the first months without doing anything of special, just writing, I got 14 followers. The numbers were very low. For me it was already a small success, because someone elese was reading, liking and commenting my posts. Now I have 1000 followers. How did I do?

On 2oth August I started to use WordPress Reader. I saw a lot of post made by other bloggers. It was an useful experience to learn more about blogging and also to get some information about different topics. So I got feedbakc back and the numbers were totally different. Numbers themselves aren’t so important, but they means readers. My audience was getting bigger. This is the real pleasure for a blogger. In the meantime I improved my posts. Thanks to my 1000 followers. Yes, with their comments and questions they suggested me to insert more pictures about the places visited, to explain if the cities explored were safe and so on. You were active in the reading of my posts. You made me happy.

Social pages

I liked a lot Instagram, but just writing the link of my blog in the bio, as I did on Twitter, was not enough. Wasn’t my posts interesting? Well, it can be, but I learnt the rule of the market. It doesn’t matter if your product is the best one, if you want to seel, you need to promote it. To advertise is the way to make people aware about a proposal. That is how I got more feedback. My 1000 followers started to arrive because I was sending direct messages to the people who follow me on Instagram and Twitter. My activity on WordPress Reader and the messages to my followers on social pages were really effective.


One more step

Around the 20th of October I published my new website. I bought a domain, subscribing to SiteGround, a platform for a self-hosted website. This step was necessary to restyle my blog. Thanks to an expert help I had a new website. She made a new customization of the blog and she migrated all my posts from my old blog. I can continue also to use WordPress to write my post and to manage the functions of the site. I then installed some plugins to improve my posts in Seo terms. It helps to support the visibility online.

This step was important to give to my 1000 followers (they were less) a better blog and of course to increase the number of my readers. Maybe some of you remember my last update and thanks to my followers. It was one month ago. From that date I got 200 more followers. I suggest to use Yoast Seo, it is really useful.


Then I decided to continue my experiments also with advertisements. I know that you can suffer a bit while you visit my blog, but I am searching for the best solution. Infact there are different types of services to monetize a website. Google Ads is the most popular, but it is not the only one. Why do I use them? Blogging is not my job, but I want to mantain it without spending my salary. So I need few hundreds euro for all the costs. But it is true, ads can be risky, beceause they are inside the post and some people don’t like them at all. Also the earning is very low in case you don’t have a very high traffic. For this my 1000 followers are not enough, but you are my treasure, because I know that I am writing to you.


I want to thank all of you, my dear followers and welcome all my old and new readers on my blog. Before to say “see you with my next post”, I want to list the main steps. In this way who of you is interested in my steps to increase the blog, can work on them easily.

Here you have my tips from my direct and real experience:

  1. post frequently (a post or two per day is advisable)
  2. follow, like and comment the post of the other bloggers
  3. listen the requests of your followers to improve your contents and interact with readers
  4. use the social networks to share your posts and send direct messages to your followers on social pages about your posts and about the blog
  5. use proper hashtags
  6. buy a domain and choose a self-hosting platform as SiteGround to gain more options to customize your blog and to have a domain. So you can start to use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic and also Google Ads and similar services to monetize your blog (don’t expect a lot of money with few visits)
  7. install plugins to improve Seo (Yoast Seo is a great one) and to make your blog to be more visible on search engines
  8. be always active and never give up

You will gain your first 1000 followers (I did it in about four months, from 20th August to today) and many more.

Originally posted 2018-12-17 16:13:49.


    • myanasa
      December 17, 2018 / 5:54 pm

      Many thanks 🙂

  1. Razwana
    December 17, 2018 / 5:57 pm

    Hi myAnasa, congratulations for 1000 followers. Well done for all the efforts you have achieved in the blogging journey. Please can you give me some tips on how to write good blogs, and how to get followers. Thanks.

    • myanasa
      December 17, 2018 / 6:10 pm

      Thanks a lot my dear. I am still learning, but I can share, as I did a bit in the post, my experience. First of all it is important to write often. According to my results I can see that when I tell about my travels and I include a huge number of pics I get more likes and views. Then it is important to like the other’s post, comment and follow them. A few amount of bloggers will return the “favor”. I suggest you also to interact with your followers and to listen their feedbacks. Infact you can improve your activity answering to their needs in writing something that they need and like.

  2. Razwana
    December 17, 2018 / 11:34 pm

    Thank you very much for the advice. I did eventually read the tips you gave on your blog. Very useful information. ?

    • myanasa
      December 19, 2018 / 12:06 pm

      If you have specific questions, I will be glad to share with you my personal experience anytime.

  3. December 18, 2018 / 2:24 pm


    • myanasa
      December 19, 2018 / 12:10 pm

      Many thanks my dear 🙂

  4. Adah Emanuel
    December 20, 2018 / 1:12 am

    Can I just say what a relief to find an individual who really understands what they are talking about on the internet. You definitely understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people have to read this and understand this side of your story. I can’t believe you aren’t more popular because you certainly possess the gift.

    • myanasa
      December 20, 2018 / 11:10 am

      Thanks a lot for your appreciation, you are very kind. I am glad that you liked my post

  5. January 3, 2019 / 7:00 pm

    Hi, many congrats on your journey. Lovely post about your followers and experiences. Would you pls advice if Seo needs to be purchased or comes with the WP subscription? Thank you so much

    • myanasa
      January 3, 2019 / 7:05 pm

      Hi! Many thanks for your comment. About your question I confirm that WordPress itself isn’t enough. You need some plugins to add. If you are a bit patient I am writing in this moment a new post about Seo with a new advice. I think it is perfect to answer to your question. It will be finished very soon.

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